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CD - Wake up Sleeping Giant - Jerry Chapman

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Jerry ‘Drumspeaker’ Chapman’s new recording Wake Up Sleeping Giant released on January 6th 2024. Jerry is from the Stó:lō Nation (Sq'ewá:lxw First Nation) and is a drummer, First Nations drum maker and designer, singer and songwriter.
Jerry Chapman – Vocals, drums
Powwow / Abba Drummers – Selitz family: Scott Albright,
Dan & Larita Lundy, Uncle Mike Darcy, Rebekah Borden.
Shekinah Youth Worship: Presley Tallbut, Israel Kennedy,
Ester Kennedy, Gideon Kennedy
Martin Neil – Drums and world percussion
Singers – Leslie Chapman, Rebekah Borden, Dan Lundy,
Mary-Beth Nickel, Joseph Tiwabear Bear, Martha Inuk Manza,
Gilbert Anthony Flores, Minerva Cassas Flores, Traci & Peter Winchester,
Carol Kiger-Rice, Paula Samson, Chris Johnson
Gang vocals – Longview WA Crew and San Diego CA Crew
Special thanks to Sq'ewá:lxw (Skawahlook) Family, Kevin & Sonja Krieter
Recorded in Longview WA, Doug  Wheeler’s Umbrella Recording Studio, Rainier OR, Siletz Reservation Parker Ranch and Sacred Ground Church OR, Ear Gallery Studio Los Angeles, San Diego CA, The Shed, Welshpool and Cumbria UK
Additional mixing – Kevin Penner, Kaua’i Hawai’i
Original Artwork – Dr. Suuqiina
Recorded, mixed and produced – Martin Neil
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